Actor • Singer • DU Theatre ’18 • Currently playing Tom Robinson in Spotlight’s To Kill A Mockingbird

Liz sometimes likes eating and drinking with people. She also likes walking and sometimes sitting. Music is cool. One time her aunt punched somebody at a movie theater. Cool. She gets inspiration from her uncle who rides a motorcycle and teaches math. You’ll love her grandmother who lives life on the edge and is also on the edge of life. Her younger siblings always beat her in arm wrestling. Radical! If given the choice she would accept a back rub.

Nicole Campbell is new to the sketch comedy scene, but has an age old ball with Urban Brain. You may have seen Nicole in the local Denver Theater Scene, mainly at the Littleton Town Hall. Though she spends a great amount of her time at school or acting (and collecting snow globes), she would like to take a moment to thank Mike Miller for everything he has done for the group. Nicole recently performed at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse, thanks to Mike and the Agency. She would like to send a big huge thank you to the featured players for all their hard work and dedication, her parents for their nonstop belief in her and willingness to join any project, her sister for her love and amazing talent and everyone who has paved the way to this hilarious and amazing journey. Thank you!

Hi. My name is Erin Connolly. I am a gen Xer…ish, and I have accomplished more than any human ever has or will in all of time, even up to the point when scientists discover that the time-space continuum is actually a 5-dimensional Hello Kitty. Like, for example, I not only invented the tax code, I also found all the loopholes in it. I know all the languages. Remember the Thigh Master? I built that. One thing that is very important for me is humility. I’d like to thank my parents for making me as amazing as I am. They’re lawyers. No wait. I don’t know. I forgot, but they have really important jobs.

Born in the old, barren, pre-technology age that was 1994, Bohdi Cooper has seen a lot of change, and rolled with it all the while, sometimes even literally rolling on the floor, bawling his eyes out because he wasn’t happy about it. But through it all, he has persevered with a smile as wide as the length of his lips, faltering only when he second-guesses himself, such as write now, at the end of this obvious run-on sentence.

Aside from writing, enjoying, and performing comedy, Bohdi loves to make, DJ, and listen to all sorts of music. Before living in beautiful Colorado, Bohdi hailed from the great state of Vermont.

Born and Raised in the dairy land state he now resides in Colorado where he stumbled into acting. Pookie is now a SAG eligible actor and his acting experience is in TV, film and narrative films, and Reality TV, appearing on networks like NBC, Discovery Channel, NatGeo, and History Channel. Commercially he has worked for a lot of local businesses, but often represents larger brands as well, like TCBY. He has experience in various areas on the Production side as well, from PA to Director.

Zack Drum is from Highlands Ranch, Colorado, the city with the highest number of iPads per capita on Earth. Even though his ultimate career goal is to be a judge on the hit TV show “Cupcake Wars,” he is a recent graduate from the University of Denver with a Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology. Zack has an unmatched love for Judge Judy, Diet Coke, and has a special place in his heart for adults who wear braces, and if the only kind of pants to exist were sweatpants, he would be okay with that. If you were to ask him which restaurant in Denver is his favorite, he would probably answer with Sushi Den or something else trendy and cool like that, but don’t listen to him, the real answer is Olive Garden.

Hello, I’m Diego Estrada. I love acting and been doing it since my high school years with musical theater productions. I have many talents, get to know me.

She currently resides in Denver Colorado born and raised she is very outgoing and has a unique personality. She is very active and loves to try new things she hasn’t tried before. Her acting experience is in film and narrative films. Commercially she works for a lot of local businesses, but often represents larger brands as well. Films she books for would consist of romantic comedy, action, thrillers, and last, horror.

Andy Hankins was born in Arizona, and he lived in Colorado, Bermuda, and Georgia until his family laid down roots in Aurora, Colorado in 1965. He enjoys traveling, and has visited various cities around the world as a result of being a 25-year member of the Denver Dance/Show Band “The Nacho Men”. Andy now enjoys being a Denver-based actor, performing in a diverse collection of independently produced feature films, short films, and live theatre, as well as multiple industrial films and television commercials. He currently studies with Benjy Dobrin Studios and Risk Factor – Action Training Center, and he is represented by Big Fish Talent.

Andy felt fortunate to work alongside a stellar cast for the Denver Vintage Theatre’s live production of the controversial play “Equus” in 2011. His favorite film projects to date include the science fiction adventure “Star Raiders: The Adventures of Saber Raine”, “Steven King’s Popsy”, “Estranged”, “Union of the Night”, and most recently “Hans Crippleton: Talk to the Hans”, which will always remain a fond highlight.

Patrick Hesse has been entertaining ever since he first saw Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin in Artists and Models. Being a finalist in the Comedy Works New Faces Contest and Comedy Works Clean Comedy Contest are just a couple of highlights in his comedy career. If you can’t find him cracking jokes you can find him playing music every Thursday at Que Bueno located off of US 36 and Church Ranch Blvd, 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

World traveler and adventure seeker, Nina is a recent transplant from New York City. She has always loved to laugh and share her joys with the world. She enjoys taking part in all forms of the arts and decided to give comedy a shot. Her debut was in Urban Brain’s Monster Comedy parody for the 13th floor Haunted House here in Denver. Next, you can find her playing a variety of roles in Urban Brain’s upcoming Holiday Hoopla Show

Ben might not be one for words but he makes up for it with constant outdoor activity and random sightings in comedy sketches. You will rarely hear of a weekend story of Ben’s that doesn’t blow your mind. He spent his younger years on the winter park free ride team, and has since expanded his skills to hauling a camera around a sketch and jumping in to the scene. All though you may not expect it word is you can catch him taking naked solo laps in broad daylight to finish his epic ski days.

Mike is the founder of The Urban Brain®, pairing his love of comedy with the idea of bringing talented and funny people together to create a Denver based comedy channel. He also believes strongly in giving back, and the Urban Brain donates time, writing and film production to help Denver area non profits. Mike Miller is a comedy writer, improviser, performer, and teacher with an extensive history as a storyteller for both Stage and Film. Mike trained at the Second City Training Center in Los Angeles, The Second City Training Center in Chicago, and the Bovine Metropolis Theater in Denver. He is an Adjunct Professor in the Theatre Department of the University of Denver teaching Sketch Comedy Writing and Improv.

Khumbo Mhone hails from the island city state mega metropolis of Malawi which is halfway between Turkey and the planet Uranus (That’s still a planet right?). When she is not trying to scrape a living through pouring her heart out on stage she can be found writing and looking curiously at ‘dog’ people. Khumbo currently lives in New York and is trying to eat her fair share of whatever is left of the Apple.

A man of few words, a man of simple words. Loves physical comedy – mostly untrained acrobatic stunts and ridiculous dancing. ​You can find his writings at